News about Castle

Laing Tarditional Masonry are the contractors who have been been working over a period of 3 years with a total contact value of £750, consolidate stonework on Tower House now complete

We are looking at new proposals for community archeaology on the site working with Adopt a Monument and Kilmartin House Museum.

We have now determined that 12 sheep is the ideal number for the site. The sheep are on site for conservation grazing and this is very effective in achieving low maintenance cropped turf rather than the big task of strimming which would be the only alternative. TCI volunteer shepherds continue to look after the flock each day.

We have a new project on land behind the Castle - TARBERT CASTLE COMMUNITY WOODLAND and voluteers have completed clearing the ditch, forming pool, planting trees, fencing and paths.

Volunteers and artists now working on a sculpture walk see seperate section of web site for details.

This winter we have just completed a new boardwalk linking the Castle area to the woodland and sculpture walk providing a circular route to walk around the site.



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