Sculpture Walk

Tarbert Castle Heritage Park now has a sculpture walk within the Community woodland..

We already have considerable scenic, historic and diverse natural habitat interest and wish to add to this with a creative element.

It is intended that site specific works be created as contemporary reponses to the natural, historical and cultural heritage of the area.

Suitable locations have been determined and commisions are proceeding with seven installed to date.

Fundraising is under way - Please contact us if you wish to make a contibution or express view on the proposal and meantime watch this space !


The single path labyrinth is an ancient mistical pattern the earliest known example a rock carving in Luzzanas Sardinia C2000 BC.

Follow the path to the centre and find yourself.


The spiral form seen in many natural objects from shells to galaxies


The helix is at the very core of all life in DNA's double spiral. The colours are the visible spectrum as seen in a rainbow

Honey Hexagon

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