Our team of volunteers have now completed a Community Orchard as a further extension of natural interest within the Castle Heritage Park. The site has beed drained, fenced to ensure deer and rabbit protection, soil improved with seaweed from the Kintyre shores, biochar, volcanic dust, sand grit and commercial fertilisers to balance the Ph to suit the various fruits involved.

Some 200 fruit bearing trees and bushes have been planted on raised mounds in the traditional Scottish way of improving poor land. The site slope faces the South West and the planting mound runs are close to a North/ South axis to maximise sunshine of both sides of trees.

Fruits planted in various varities are Apple, Plum, Blackberries, Blueberries, Gooseberries, Black Currants and Rhubarb.

When the various fruits reach the mature cropping stage we will be organising community fruit picking days and distributions will be made to older residents groups and the School eic.

The project has been funded by "INFINNIS", AWARDS FOR ALL and NHS/ A & B wellbeing fund.

We are installing a Bee hive to polinate the Orchard and will train volunteers to care for them with funding from the co op

view of orchard from drone - theo andrews

View of orchard from drone - Theo Andrews


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