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We reckon that Tarbert Loch Fyne is Argyll's most attractive village  -  an historic fishing community, with a perfect natural harbour and a yacht haven, and the whole place dominated by the ruined structure of a medieval castle.

The Royal Castle of Tarbert is a scheduled monument of national importance, and that importance is a result of the major role played by Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland, in the Castle's reinforcement and enlargement, round about the year 1325.

As well as the ancient ruin itself, our Castle Heritage Park provides an excellent family picnic spot close to the village, and we’re proud of our contribution to the natural habitat in the Community Woodland, which includes a tranquil pond, as well as fun, but thoughtful, sculptures to keep the youngsters occupied.

From the Castle itself, visitors love to photograph the magnificent views of the historic harbour and beyond, out towards the relative vastness of Loch Fyne.

The Castle ruins, and the adjacent Woodland and Orchard, are owned by the community, and are cared for entirely by our volunteers.

Those hardy souls have not only opened up the site, secured the ruins, and improved visitor access, but also regularly give up their own time to remove litter and empty waste bins, maintain access routes, look after the woodland pond, the sculptures, and the orchard, and tend our Hebridean sheep.  Yes, Hebridean sheep.  That’s why the grass around the Castle is always so tidy.  It’s known as “conservation grazing”, and we think it’s a great thing.

And the whole place is open 24/7.

To buy materials and equipment, and to feed our Hebridean sheep through the winter, we depend on public donations.  The community supports us generously with contributions and practical help, but we couldn’t achieve as much as we do without the generosity of visitors.

Now, it’s a fact that entry is free of charge, but a donation of just 50p from each visitor can provide sufficient funds for a sustainable maintenance plan.

P.S. We were going to remind you about the shops, galleries, hotels, pubs, and cafés that exist in our pretty village, and the pleasure of watching a working fishing port going about its business, and seeing yachts coming and going at the pontoons.  But, on second thoughts, we don’t need to do that, do we?  It’s all there in front of you, and you won’t want to miss a single bit of it.


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